Is Your Lake Worth Beach, FL AC Ready for Summer?

Summers in Lake Worth Beach, FL, are often long, hot, and uncomfortably humid, making high-quality air conditioning a top priority. These quick and easy seasonal tips will ensure your AC system is ready for the heat.

Keep Your Air Filter Fresh

Airflow is one of the most crucial factors in the performance of any AC system. The more air your system can move, the quicker and more efficiently it can achieve your desired comfort level. It’s no surprise, then, that Energy Star guidelines recommend checking your air filter monthly and changing it at least quarterly.

Dirty filters inhibit airflow and significantly degrade cooling performance. But regularly inspecting and replacing them helps keep your AC in top form. Best of all, it’s a quick, easy, low-cost step you can do at home!

Schedule a Spring AC Tune-Up

Of course, filters aren’t the only components that benefit from a little TLC. Over time, dirt can accumulate on and in many important parts of your system. Equipment eventually breaks down, fine-tuned components slip out of adjustment, and minor issues worsen.

Fortunately, seasonal maintenance is a convenient and low-cost way to prevent, mitigate, and even reverse wear and tear. Though AC maintenance can be done anytime, it’s best to schedule tune-ups in the spring. This ensures your system will be in optimal condition during the peak summer cooling season.

Don’t Forget Your Ductwork

It’s easy to overlook, but your ductwork affects your entire HVAC system. Leaky or damaged ducts can restrict airflow, waste energy, and even contribute to poor indoor air quality. Worse, these issues often go unnoticed for long periods, costing you money and seriously impacting your comfort. To prevent this, simply call your local HVAC contractor and ask about ductwork repair services.

A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to keeping your family comfortable. Call Lowen Air Conditioning to schedule a comprehensive seasonal maintenance appointment today. If any team is equipped to keep the cool air blowin’, it’s us!

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