4 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution in Your Home

Experts say the air inside your home can hold up to five times more pollution than outside air. Here are four sources of indoor air pollution that West Palm Beach, FL, homeowners typically don’t consider.


Who doesn’t love the scent of spiced pumpkin at Thanksgiving or cinnamon during Christmas? Unfortunately, as candles burn, they release soot carbon particles that can lead to or aggravate respiratory problems. They also contain synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes that release solvents and toxic plasticizers while burning. If you can’t resist the urge to burn candles, avoid paraffin and opt for those made with vegetable oil or beeswax.

Furnace Gasses

Gas furnaces produce flue gasses as a byproduct of the combustion process. Gasses such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide lower your home’s air quality and pose a health risk to your family. Regular HVAC maintenance helps avoid a cracked heat exchanger, ensures vents are open, and assures you that leaky ductwork won’t interfere with the air supply.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners do not clean the air; they merely mask odors. In addition, research shows they worsen indoor air pollution by releasing volatile organic chemicals. An air purifier is an ideal option to clean your air and avoid the adverse health effects of VOCs.

Outside Activities

Working outside or walking your dog is beneficial but can also be a source of indoor air pollution. Pollen, dirt, and other allergens collect on your shoes, clothing, and your pet’s feet and hair. Showering, washing, and brushing your pet’s paws and brushing their fur, and leaving your shoes by the door will minimize the effects of outdoor contaminants.

Why take the risk of indoor air pollution lowering your air quality? To learn how to ensure your indoor air is safe and healthy, check out the air quality solutions at Lowen Air Conditioning or call us today.

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