Why Does My Heat Pump Blow Cold Air in Heating Mode?

Heat pumps have a heating mode and a cooling mode, and the two should be distinct from one another. If cold air starts coming out of the system while it’s in heating mode, you should seek professional assistance, especially if a cold spell is near. Here are a few reasons your heat pump might blow cold air while in heating mode in Jupiter, FL.

Low Refrigerant

To absorb heat from outdoor air and deposit it into your home, your heat pump needs refrigerant. If any refrigerant leaks out from your system’s refrigerant lines, it will diminish your heat pump’s ability to generate warm air. Lose enough of it, and the system may expel cold air even though it’s in heating mode.

Do not try to replace lost refrigerant on your own. It’s very risky, and inhaling it can be fatal. Instead, ask a trained HVAC service technician to do the work for you during repairs or routine maintenance.

Reversing Valve Malfunction

The reversing valve is the key component that empowers every heat pump to function as a heating and cooling system. Its job is to channel the flow of refrigerant in one direction or the other.

If the valve breaks for any reason, it may send refrigerant flowing in the wrong direction. Thus, it would move in a way that would be consistent with the heat pump being in cooling mode, even though it should be in heating mode. As a result, the system will blow out cold air.

Thermostat Problems

Lastly, any number of different thermostat issues may force your heat pump to churn out cold air when you don’t intend it to. For example, you may have accidentally programmed the device incorrectly and set it to a much lower temperature than you intended. Another possibility is that there are issues with the thermostat’s electrical wiring or other components that prevent it from working correctly.

Don’t let your household be uncomfortable due to a faulty heat pump. Call our professionals at Lowen Air Conditioning and arrange for prompt heating repair services.

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