The Primary Causes of AC Compressor Issues in Palm Beach, FL

The compressor in your AC system compresses refrigerant into a higher-pressure and higher-temperature form, allowing it to release the heat absorbed from your indoor air. Without this critical function, your AC simply won’t work. If you’re experiencing compressor issues in your Palm Beach, FL, home, here are four possible reasons why.

Your Compressor Is Overheating

Persistent overheating will be detrimental to your compressor’s physical integrity and functionality. Though many factors may cause overheating, the following two are the most common. The first is an accumulation of dirt or other debris. If your compressor is dirty, contaminants will impair its functioning and cause it to consume more power — and consequently overheat — in order to compensate. The second is that the compressor is under direct sunlight.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If the amount of refrigerant circulating through your AC system is lower than it should be, it will naturally be at a lower pressure form. In order to produce the required level of pressure, your compressor will work harder to compress the refrigerant even more. Doing this will increase energy consumption levels and the potential for damage.

Your AC never actually uses up refrigerant. If levels are below where they should be, you have a leak. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous, and you should always use professional AC repair services to help you deal with them.

Dirty Evaporator or Condenser Coils

As with the compressor itself, accumulated debris will cause either your system’s evaporator or condenser coils to function at less than full efficiency. When this happens, your AC can’t perform heat transfer as effectively. Not only can this cause additional damage, but the system as a whole will have to consume more energy to work.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues with your AC can be many things, but they will all impair compressor functioning in one way or another. If your system has a damaged circuit board, for example, then insufficient power won’t be able to reach the compressor, preventing it from working as it should. Damaged wires, fuses, or contactors will also prevent the current from flowing to the compressor.

You can’t have a working AC without a working compressor. But because the sources of compressor issues are so varied and complex, any repairs should be done by a knowledgeable HVAC service technician. For assistance with your air conditioning system, call Lowen Air Conditioning today.

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