3 Reasons Your AC System Won’t Shut Off in Jupiter, FL

Many people worry about having an air conditioner that won’t turn on in the middle of the spring or summer. But having one that won’t turn off is certainly no better. Such a thing means discomfort, energy waste and excessive utility bills for homeowners all over Jupiter, FL. Here are three possible reasons your AC system won’t shut off:

Poor Airflow Around the Home

Accumulated debris in ductwork, clogged air filters or a faulty compressor are some of your air conditioner’s worst enemies. By blocking airflow, this debris makes it harder for your AC system to cool your home, thereby forcing your thermostat to direct it to work continuously to reach its cooling targets. To take care of these issues, you’ll need to replace your air filters every 90 days and ask HVAC service technicians to perform maintenance on your AC system.

Faulty Air Conditioning Thermostat

It’s possible that there’s nothing directly wrong with your air conditioner at all. Perhaps it’s your thermostat that has malfunctioned. A bad thermostat gives improper commands to your AC system that force it to remain on unnecessarily.

AC System Is the Wrong Size

Yet another possibility is that your AC system is simply too small to effectively cool your home while passing through normal cycles. This issue is particularly serious because there’s no easy fix for it. You’re simply going to have to remove your old air conditioner and install a new system

The likeliest cause of these issues is that, when your previous AC installers set up your system, they either didn’t perform a manual J load calculation or performed it inaccurately. This time, when HVAC service technicians install another system for you, make sure that they do things correctly.

If your air conditioner won’t shut off, only a comprehensive examination can truly pinpoint the root of the problem. If you live around Jupiter, FL, call Lowen Air Conditioning today and request our AC repair services.

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