Is It Time for a New Heat Pump in Wellington, FL?

A new heat pump delivers more comfort and can save energy. Knowing when to do away with your existing system may be confusing, especially if it still runs just fine. Below, we will discuss indicators that show its time for a new heat pump in Wellington, FL.

Your Heat Pump Is Old

A heat pump lasts, on average, 15 years. However, after about ten years, its efficiency starts decreasing.

As technology has progressed, new heat pumps have emerged with features that help to save energy and increase indoor comfort. New systems are more efficient than was previously possible. Consider upgrading your heat pump if it’s over ten years old.

Your System Needs Frequent Repairs

It is normal for your heat pump to occasionally need repairs, especially during the hottest and coldest times of the year. However, if your heat pump breaks down often, it may be time to consider a replacement. A heat pump that often breaks down denies you peace of mind and interrupts your indoor comfort.

You Have an Undersized Heat Pump

An undersized heat pump’s capacity cannot match your indoor temperature regulation needs. This is especially common if you have built an addition or converted a garage, attic, or basement. You may notice some areas of the home never reaching the desired temperature.

An undersized system will run almost continuously, driving up your energy bills. Consider replacing it with a correctly sized model. A professional service technician can help you assess your home’s square footage and layout to get a heating and cooling system that fully meets your needs.

Contact Lowen Air Conditioning for professional heat pump installations. A member of our pro team will inspect your heat pump, repair any underlying problems or advise you to invest in a new system based on their findings.

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