How Do I Know When My AC Requires Repairs?

An efficient air conditioner is a necessity when summer arrives in Palm Beach, FL. Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected repairs, but other than a complete system breakdown, how do you know when your AC system needs some extra TLC? Here are a few warning signs to look for.

High Humidity

As part of its cooling function, your air conditioner helps control moisture levels. However, if you notice a sticky feeling in the air or are constantly lowering the thermostat to stay cool, your AC is likely inefficient. Scheduling a repair appointment will allow an experienced service technician to inspect your system, identify the problem, and recommend a solution.

Warm Air

Your air conditioner isn’t doing its job if it’s blowing out warm air. Warm air can signal a refrigerant leak, problems with your compressor, thermostat issues, or frozen coils. A seasoned service technician can pinpoint the source of the problem and quickly restore cool, refreshing airflow to your home.

Constant Cycling

Your air conditioner has a regular rhythm that it goes through as it cools your home. On days when the heat or humidity is incredibly intense, it might run a little more frequently. However, it shouldn’t constantly cycle on and off. A tune-up or repair might solve the problem. If your equipment is a decade or older, it could mean you need a replacement.

Noises and Smells

Air conditioners make a small amount of noise during operation, but the noise should be more like a background hum rather than a banging or squealing. And your system should never emit a smell! When you notice unusual noises or odors, call us immediately. Ignoring these signs means risking potential damage to your equipment or compromising your family’s health.

Lowen Air Conditioning is the local, dependable resource for air conditioner repairs. If your cooling system is struggling, reach out to our team today!

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