Does My Heat Pump Have a Faulty Compressor in Jupiter, FL?

The compressor plays a critical role in a heat pump’s operation. Here are a few important signs that the heat pump in your Jupiter, FL, home has a faulty compressor:

Poor Performance

The purpose of a compressor is to take refrigerant that has already absorbed some heat from the surrounding air and pressurize it until it becomes so hot that it can condense upon mere contact with cooler air. Once the refrigerant condenses, it’ll release its stored heat and where that heat goes will depend on whether the heat pump is in heating or cooling mode. Regardless, if the compressor doesn’t do its job, your heat pump won’t perform heat exchange effectively.

That means the system’s performance will decline in virtually all areas. It won’t heat or cool your home as well as before, and your utility bills will probably rise as it uses more energy in a vain attempt to restore its performance.

Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

As your heat pump consumes more power to compensate for its faulty compressor, it may end up inadvertently tripping your circuit breaker. The circuit breaker’s purpose is to prevent power surges from frying your home’s electrical equipment. To stop the system from tripping the breaker, a trained HVAC service technician will have to resolve the underlying issue with the compressor.


Finally, your heat pump’s compressor may begin making unusual noises to signal distress. Most commonly, you would hear buzzing, rattling or vibrating in this situation. These sounds can point to either a malfunction or a loose part bumping around inside the compressor — things that HVAC service technicians can take care of during a repair visit.

Issues with your compressor are important to take care of before your heat pump completely breaks down, which can be costly. If you live near Jupiter, FL, call Lowen Air Conditioning to schedule professional maintenance services for your heat pump.

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