3 Benefits Provided by Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Lantana, FL

A common belief is that indoor air quality is better than outdoor air quality, but this is often not the case. Pet dander, dust, pollen and even insect debris reside in indoor air and affect your home and family. Here are three key benefits of healthy indoor air quality in Lantana, FL.

Better Respiratory Health

The many particles floating in your home’s air includes allergens that irritate the respiratory tract and cause poor sleep quality and numerous other symptoms. These range from sneezing and sore throats to eye and skin irritation, congestion, more frequent asthma attacks and other respiratory issues. Duct repairs and cleanings eliminate the debris lining the ducts so that you and your family breathe easier.

Enhanced Indoor Comfort

Poor indoor air quality often means that the humidity level in the home is too high for optimal comfort. A high humidity level allows dust mites and biological growth to thrive, which can impact breathing and cause skin irritation. In addition, it can make your home feel warmer than it is and often results in the AC system working overtime.

Lower Energy Bills

Humidity, duct cleanliness and proper ventilation affect indoor air quality and the lifespan of the HVAC system. These factors also affect your HVAC system’s energy efficiency and can increase monthly utility expenses. Scheduling preventative maintenance a couple of times a year will ensure your system works optimally to help you achieve better indoor air quality and lower energy bills.

Don’t underestimate the importance of indoor air quality. Instead, take action when signs indicate a problem. Neglecting to address indoor air quality issues can lead to you and your family suffering health issues, being uncomfortable in your home and paying higher energy bills. Contact Lowen Air Conditioning for all your indoor air quality needs in Lantana, FL.

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