Avoid Making These 4 Mistakes With Your Thermostat in Jupiter, FL

Your thermostat is essential to your household’s daily indoor comfort. Learning how to use your programmable device better can help you save money and stay cool. Let’s review some common thermostat mistakes to avoid in Jupiter, FL.

Turning Your Thermostat On and Off

Many homeowners try to lower energy costs by turning their thermostat off completely when it’s not needed. In addition to handling your temperature control, your HVAC system impacts your humidity level and air quality. Leaving your thermostat off for hours every day could quickly make your home too uncomfortable for your household.

Setting Your Thermostat Incorrectly

You may think that the fastest way to heat or cool your home is by drastically adjusting your thermostat settings. However, this won’t impact how quickly your HVAC system can adjust your indoor temperature. It’ll only make your system run for longer, increasing energy costs and creating extra wear and tear.

Not Making Any Temperature Adjustments

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your thermostat at the same temperature regardless of the time of day. Modern programmable thermostats come with a range of energy-efficient settings that will optimize your HVAC use. Utilizing these functions will enable you to lower usage when no one is home.

Neglecting to Watch for Warning Signs

Your thermostat needs just as much maintenance as the other vital components of your HVAC system. The older these systems become, the more likely they will malfunction or misread your temperature. Scheduling routine professional maintenance will help keep them efficient and safe over the years.

Implementing these simple suggestions can help your thermostat function at peak performance. Lowen Air Conditioning is proud to offer superior home comfort services like HVAC zoning, thermostat replacements and ductwork inspections. Call today to learn more about our selection of thermostats in Jupiter, FL.

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