3 Signs Your Heat Pump in West Palm Beach, FL Needs Repairs

Whenever your heat pump in West Palm Beach, FL, breaks down, it’s important to address the issue hastily before the damage worsens and turns into more expensive repairs. Understanding the signs of a faulty heat pump enables you to schedule repairs early. Below, we will cover the signs of a heat pump that needs repairs.

1. Strange Odors and Noises

Heat pump manufacturers design these systems to operate without disrupting your indoor comfort. Therefore, whenever you detect unpleasant odors or noises from your system, its parts may be faulty.

Some strange odors you will likely detect include burning, musty and rotten eggs smells. A couple of unusual sounds you should look out for include banging, whistling, gurgling, and continuous clicking.

2. Running Constantly

It’s okay for a variable-speed heat pump to run constantly because that’s how manufacturers made these systems to operate. It’s also perfectly fine for your heat pump to constantly run when it’s extremely hot or cold outside.

If you have a single-stage heat pump and it’s not too cold or hot outside, the system should run in cycles to regulate indoor temperatures. If it never takes breaks, you need to schedule repair services. Your heat pump may run continuously due to worn-out parts, dirty components, refrigerant leaks, or ductwork leaks.

3. Short Cycling

If your heat pump turns on and off in quick succession, it is short cycling. Short cycling harms the system’s components because they experience excessive strain.

Also, a short cycling heat pump cannot keep your family comfortable because it fails to distribute temperatures evenly. Causes of short cycling include airflow problems, thermostat issues, and an oversized system.

Attempting DIY repairs when your heat pump breaks down is never a wise idea, no matter the circumstances. You may cause more damage to the system or harm yourself. Call Lowen Air Conditioning for professional heat pump services and allow our service technicians to do the job for you.

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