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Whether for new construction or older homes lacking conventional ductwork, a high-velocity HVAC system provides ideal comfort while minimizing space requirements, maintenance needs, and expenses. This innovation has the potential to save thousands in utility costs. Quiet operation, faster cooling and heating, 30% superior humidity removal, less invasive ducts, and no huge remodeling project make high-velocity systems a rewarding alternative to more traditional equipment.

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If you’d like some more information on high-velocity air conditioning and heating systems, get in touch with the specialists from Lowen Air Conditioning at (561) 588-6000. We offer free estimates and help you determine the ideal fit for you. Focusing on total solutions to year-round comfort, we ensure maximum value and satisfaction from your investment. With fifty years of experience under our belt, we’ve not only handled every type of project in Palm Beach & surrounding areas but have proven our standards of quality time and again.

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Rather than using diffusion to slowly draw air from the vents, High-velocity HVAC systems use aspiration. An efficient central system powers a highly temperature-regulated flow of air through mini-ducts, creating air currents that constantly adjust the temperature of the room to the desired comfort level. These flexible, narrow-diameter ducts are able to be installed into existing walls without causing damage. Let Lowen Air Conditioning design the perfect system for you! We offer a complete range of high-velocity services with after hours, weekends, and holiday availability across West Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana & Boynton Beach, FL.

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