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As utility bills steadily rise, more homeowners are looking to alternative methods of temperature control in Palm Beach & surrounding areas. Geothermal HVAC takes advantage of sustainable, renewable energy sourced from the earth to both heat and cool, achieving one of the highest efficiency rates on the market. For every one unit of energy used to run the system, four units of energy are provided, achieving a 400% efficiency rate. Learn more about this cost-saving innovation by calling Lowen Air Conditioning at (561) 588-6000 for a free estimate.

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A geothermal system is made up of a heat pump located inside the home and an underground loop system. It pulls warm air from the ground during the winter and pumps hot air into the earth during the cooling season. Safe, clean, quiet, environmentally friendly and long-lasting, geothermal systems have become more reasonable to install in recent years and quickly recover the initial investment through energy savings. You can also trim hot water costs and enjoy exceptional dehumidification.

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Family-owned, Lowen Air Conditioning has been around since 1971. Remaining at the forefront of geothermal technology, we’ve streamlined the installation process for swift turnaround, organized completion, and unmatched benefits. Our NATE-certified professionals are happy to explain options and handle new design, replacement, seasonal maintenance, and repair of all makes and models. Our longevity translates into outstanding reliability, quality, and value. Lowen Air Conditioning is here weekends, after hours, and holidays to handle every challenge across West Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana & Boynton Beach, FL.

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